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Thanksgiving Swamp Tour

Our Peace Center tries to provide something different for the kids during their holiday breaks from school. This year we invited them on a swamp tour to the Jean Lafitte swamp lands in Barataria. Many expressed their fears of alligators even as they climbed on board the bus and then boarded the pontoon boat that would wind its way through the swampy land.

Our guide, Cap’n Dave gave us lots of local color and tales of mighty gators and snapping turtles. Later on, Cap’n Dave gave us all a surprise as he pulled us into a little cove, opened the door of a closet on the boat and brought out a five year old live alligator that he had rescued and tamed enough to allow him to hold it and walk it on a leash. A snapping turtle had bitten off the end of its tail so it made navigation in the water a little difficult sometimes. Of course, he brought the gator to anyone who wanted to touch it or hold it. The screams could have been heard from here to Ohio…and not just from the girls on the trip. The boys also had a few moments of their own. It was a great experience for all of us.


Peace Offering

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