The Peace Center

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The Peace Center builds peace by providing opportunity, education, fellowship, and community to the residents of Gert Town. We take direction from Paul’s words to the Thessalonians:


Encourage one another and build each other up. 


We provide services to help the residents of Gert Town succeed at every stage – from childhood to old age.

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Thank you for becoming a member of our Mission for Peace in Gert Town!

Your gift supports our service to local seniors, our after school and summer programs for local youth, and our educational assistance to the residents of Gert Town.

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Our Programs for the People of Gert Town

    Programs for Young People
  • After school programming

    Does your child need help with homework? A place to hang out after school? A place to play?

  • Summer Programming

    The Peace Center offers young people a safe place to learn and play during the summer months.

    Our Gert Town Neighbors
  • Computer Usage

    If you need to use a computer to look for a job, pay your bills, or look for public services, our computer lab is available from 10 am to 3 pm daily.

  • Computer Education

    Are computers a mystery to you? We can help you acquire basic computer skills to help you succeed.

  • Employment Assistance

    Whether you need help researching jobs or writing a new resume, our partners at the Urban League can help you get to work!

  • Walk In Assistance

    Are the rules and regulations of assistance programs like Medicaid, utility assistance, or unemployment a maze? We can help you find your way!

  • Spiritual Guidance

    Do you feel separated from your spiritual center? Call the Peace Center to meet with a certified spiritual counselor.


    For our Senior Friends
  • Senior Gatherings

    Whether you’re looking for a place to meet with friends, a quiet place to read, or fun events with others who remember “back then,” the Peace Center welcomes you!